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We demonstrate our commitment innovation and public service in our websites, which provide useful and clear, objective and balanced information and views on subjects of interest to the public, while remaining easy to use, self-funding and scalable. Wev have more than 2 dozen consumer-oriented reference websites.  The websites are completely free to consumers and also to the businesses they serve.  This is possible by using an ad-support business model. Over the years, the larger ad providers have evolved thier technology to render ads that are relevent to the interests of the individual site visitor, and blend well withthe site's design, look and content.

Some of our websites are:

Client websites:

EHSO home page - Free Environmental Health & Safety information, guidance and downloads of regulations and manuals online for home or EHS professional.Environment, Health and Safety Online
The site for free, objective information you can use!

EHSO's excellent site provides free information, downloads of regulations, compliance guides,
and summaries for environmental health & safety professions for air, water, soil, RCRA, CERCLA, OSHA, DOT, compliance assessments, ISO14000, etc. There is information about ticks, fleas, dustmites, safe insecticides, etc.    

Consumer Fraud Reporting.org
Reporting on the Latest Frauds, Scams, Spams, Identity Theft, Fake Lotteries and Hoaxes

 Consumer Fraud Reporting.org is an online service to warn consumers about specific types of financial scams via the internet. All of the services are free. CFR also provides information on how to spot the different types of scams, from identity theft, phishing, lottery and banking scams, Nigerian scams, and spam. To keep up to date on the types of scams in global circulation we stay in regular contact with overseas consumer agencies.


Where you can find a pick-your-own farm near you AND easy canning directions!

www.PickYourOwn.org maintains easy to use, complete and accurate listings of farms in every state in the U.S. and 5 other countries where you can pick your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The easy-canning directions show you how to make your own jam , applesauce, preserves and frozen foods!  

Pumpkin Patches And More. Org

 www.PumpkinPatchesAndMore.org lists all of the known pick your own Pumpkin patches, corn mazes and other
Halloween events by state! It is very easy to use and completely free.


Pick Your Own Christmas Tree. Org
Where you can find a choose and cut Christmas tree farm, sleigh rides and winter fun near you!

Looking for a Christmas tree? Find a Christmas tree farm in your state and County where you can choose and cut your own or buy a freshly harvested (pre-cut) tree, wreaths, garlands, evergreen roping, ornaments and more. Most farms provide saws or will cut it for you, and even shake loose needles