Technology Strategy Consulting

With experience at the some of the largest technology companies, Benivia associates have learned from the best technical minds how to successfully innovate and architect technology change.

Technology Implementation Management

Benivia can implement change far more rapidly and cost-effectively than our larger brethren. Why wait months for strategies to be implemented by in-house or the large consulting firms, when we can provide results in less time? If you're tired of seeing a school bus pull up to drop off your Accenture consultants, try consults you don't need to train, who are ready to hit the ground running.

Web Presence Optimization

Whether you have an existing full featured website or no website at all, achieving your goals for the website is much more than metatags, search engine submission and pretty images. Our clients and our own websites prove that our strategies work.  Here are a few of the many examples:

Try a search in Google (or click on the links below) for these terms, notice the top results, then look at our list of websites:

  1. applesauce
  2. pumpkin patches
  3. make jam
  4. environmental health and safety
  5. Christmas tree farms
  6. pumpkin pie recipe
  7. consumer frauds

Website Design Services

Benivia offers web design, from simple, inexpensive templates, through highly customized interactive transactional websites. The websites we've design are all ranked number 1 in Google for related searches.

Web Publishing

Benivia continually tests new designs, technologies, designs, approaches.