Innovation that works!

Benivia strengths

Web strategy and search engine optimization

Benivia's SEO expertise differs from other so-called "SEO experts" because we have an independently verifiable track record of success and out pragmatic, cost-effective approach.  All of our websites are number 1 in Google, even for single words.  With well over a 1,000 pages ranked number one in Google for 1, 2 and 3 word search terms, we can prove our approach yields results. Google search terms relevant to our consumer websites and see the top rankings for yourself.

Business Process Innovation

If your business is overwhelmed with information, spreadsheets, databases and an under-used data warehouse or business intelligence solution, Benivia can help cut through the clutter to produce effective use of your information. Benivia's focus is pragmatic integration of business, technology and marketing goals in a streamlined business intelligence solution. Our unique approach uses our analysis of your own business intelligence data stores to provide a market-driven strategy and design that is tailored to meet your unique market. The web presence that works best is not one connoted by the VP in the corner office, but rather, the one that your customers prefer!

Our approach

Too often technology departments and technology initiatives are cloistered apart from the business side of a company.  Successful Information Technology implementations result from a close partnership between the business owners and the IT strategy and delivery organization. Innovation often arises from exposing business partners to new enabling technologies and exposing IT staff to the business. Benivia staff have both the IT and business experience and understand to help bridge that gap.

Our customers

We demonstrate our innovation and market-driven approach to technology in our websites, which find creative ways to provide useful, clear, objective and balanced information and views on subjects of interest to the public, while remaining easy to use, self-funding and scalable.